Less than 30 days until the summer of 2021 swimming season starts

A lot has being going on at the pool this spring.  Wait, a whole lot has been going on.  The upper pool has been refinished, gone is that cheese grater like floor that was roughing up feet.  Both pools have been repainted with high quality pool paint that will last for years.  The bathrooms are being redone now and will have a whole new look to them.

But today I write about my pet project, the infield grass.  For years the infield was treated like a dumping ground for those old half used bags of seed, weed, and feed that can be found hidden in the back of every suburban shed or garage.  In the end, we ended up with an infield made up of 5 different types of grass, but mostly it was 27 different types of weeds.  Well, the lawn rehab started last fall with 80 lbs of tall fescue seed, and was reseeded again this spring with 80lbs of tall fescue.   Tall fescue makes a nice lawn as it’s resistant to drought, tolerates full sun, and withstands high traffic.  Also this spring we treated the infield with Tenacity, a post emergent weed control.  Tenacity got the weeds killed off while still letting the grass grow.  This year the infield will be free of clover, creeping Charlie, crabgrass, and dandelions.  There should be far fewer bees and bee stings on bare feet, I took seven stings last year.  There was one last grass project finished up tonight and that was to rehab the mud spots that appeared under some of the trees, those spots sure were popular last year.  By opening day those spot should be full of grass.  We do still have more projects to do.  It you have 2-3 hours to help out, we’d certainly appreciate it.  Members helping with the spring opening, the summer grass cutting, and the fall close down help control our costs and keeps our dues in check and our food prices low.  We have one more surprise for the infield and we’ll post about that soon.  We don’t want to give it away just yet, but it’s something no other pool has or will be doing this year.

The fresh cut infield looking better than it’s looked in years.  Compare that to what it looked like just 30 days ago.

Another view of that sweet looking infield

The area under the trees that’s being rehabbed.  It was hand seeded today and covered with peat moss to keep in the moisture.  In eight days we should start to see it getting green, in two weeks it will be looking like a lawn, and by opening day it should be full and thick.

The lower pool swim lane lines being repainted.  It takes 360 yards of painters tape to tap off all the lines.