Membership, Moonlights Swims, And More

As we get ready to kick off the season, here are a few things that went out in email yesterday.

Membership applications are not available nor will they be accepted at the pool office, the guards in the office will not be accepting dues money either.  New and returning members must complete the process on the website.  New members do require sponsorship of an existing member and are subject to membership committee approval.

Moonlight Swims
Our first moonlight swim will be on June 4th from 8-10pm with DJ Nick Talarico.  $5 for members and $7 for guests.  Then on June 9th we’ll go to our usual Wednesday night schedule.

Rules and Regulations
We’re a pretty laidback bunch, but we do have some health and safety rules in place.  They are posted here on the website, check them out and go over them with your kids.  Hard balls in the pool are a hard No, because that leads to stitches and broken noses.  If you’re coming in with a cooler, the guards will ask to see inside and all they’re looking for are glass bottles.  Glass bottles are not allowed inside the fence.  Broken glass is nearly impossible to see if it gets in the pool and we’d have to call in our own Scuba Steve sweep the bottom of the pool.  Glass in the grass would having us renting the yard vacuum again to try and get it all out – and all that clean up work would have the pool closed until it’s completed.  No one wants cut feet or closed pool.  Bluetooth speakers or radios or other similar devices should be left at home, if you want to bring your own music use headphones.

Lap Swimming
We will be running lap swimming as we did last year.  We have a group that is there from 5am-6am.  If you’re an early lap swimmer, let us know and we will connect you with the member who runs the early shift.  Beginning Monday, June 7th we will have open lap swimming to anyone 18 and over from 11:30-1:30pm.  At 1:30pm, the guard will go on the chair and the pool will be open to everyone.  We will keep two lanes available for lap swimming at that time.  In the evenings, Wednesday we have water polo at 6pm so the lower pool is closed.  Mondays, if we have a home swim meet it will be closed.  All the other nights, if you are over 18 you can use the pool for lap swimming.  Please review our rules as later at night if there are under a certain number of people, we will close early.  Weekends, we are looking for someone to volunteer and come in before we open, say 9-11am to be there to open for lap swimming.  At this time, the weekend schedule is the same as the pool’s schedule (12:30-8pm), but subject to change if we find someone willing to be there in the mornings.

Swim Lessons
We’ve had a lot of people ask.  We will be offering lessons. Please keep a watch on our Facebook and on our bulletin board at the pool as we will be announcing the start in the next week or so.  As in the past, our senior guard will be in charge and you will contact them directly to schedule, not the pool.

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