Now less than one week until opening day

We’re now just a week from opening day.  All pools are filled and being warmed by the preseason sun, so we won’t have 58ºF pools on opening day.  Today we vacuumed the grass and picked up 40lbs of acorns and other stuff that never feels good on the feet.  The infield is free of dandelions and clover so we shouldn’t see any bee stings on little feet.  Most importantly we still have the highest and now only high dive in Berks County.  Our professional tester tried it out this week and gave it the two thumbs up for summer fun.   Pretty much every night this week we’ll be working at the pool, if you can stop by and help out for an hour or two that would be great – plus the pools are able to be used by those helping before opening day.  All the need to do stuff has been finished so now we’re working on doing the fun stuff that just makes the pool that much better.

Two thumbs up for the high dive.