Pool Rules

  • All members and guests enter and use the facility at their own risk.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and must stay on the ground with their guests at all times. 
  • All youth age 12 and under must be accompanied to the facility by a responsible adult (age 14 & over). 
  • All toddlers age 3 or younger must be accompanied by an in-water chaperone. 
  • No one under 18 may enter a pool unless there is a guard present on the pool’s guard chair.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children. 
  • The baby pool is open to children ages 6 and younger (and only with parental supervision). 
  • No running on deck or horseplay. Only soft foam balls are allowed in the pool, no hard footballs. 
  • Glass bottles and tobacco products (including e-cigarettes and vaporizers) are prohibited.
  • No foul language.
  • No diving in shallow areas. 
  • No radios or bluetooth speakers, headphones must be worn when listening to personal music devices.
  • All children age 3 or under and ANY swimmer not toilet trained MUST wear a swim diaper in the pools. Disposable diapers are prohibited. Check diapers often and take frequent bathroom breaks. . 
  • Appropriate swimwear is required; street clothing is prohibited. No cut off shorts, no cotton shirts.  
  • The pool and decks will be cleared for 30 minutes following the sound of thunder.  If  cloud to ground lightning is spotted all swimmers and guests must leave the pool grounds for 30 minutes. 

Weather opening and closing policy

  • Pool openings and closing will be at the board’s discretion.
  • If there are fewer than 5 members on the grounds the announcement will be made that the pool will be closing in 1 hour.  If the number of members does not exceed 5 after the hour, the pool will close.  
  • If thunder and lightning clears the grounds, the board will evaluate the weather forecast to determine if the pool will reopen.
  • If the pool is cleared due to thunder and lightning after 6pm, the pool will be closed for the remainder of the day.
  • Opening and closing information will be posted to the pool website and social media pages.