Some New Tunes For The Pool

Over the last few years, the sound quality of our PA and music system has been getting worse and worse.  The old amplifier was new back when Mötley Crüe was topping the charts and your mullet was flapping in the summer breeze.  Yesterday we replaced the amplifier and the FM tuner.  Instead of being fixed to listening to the same 12 Bruno Mars, Pink, and Taylor Swift songs on Y-102 we’ll have far more options and none of it will sound like music being played through a fast food drive up window speaker.  We also fixed all those drooping speaker wires that were running from pole to pole.  We’re pretty sure those drooping wires annoyed everyone in some way.

One of our regular volunteers also donated a wireless microphone that works from the infield and lower pool.  Pool events will be a little more fun not being tethered to the corded office microphone.  Joining the microphone in the donation are 6 radios to keep the guards, office, and snack shack in communication.  These radios will cut down on the running around trying to track people down and will easily allow the guards in the chairs to get more help if they need it.

Opening day is tomorrow, after the last 10 days being in the 90s, it’s looking like maybe 53ºF and rain.  We’ll still be there working on stuff, if you want to get out of the house you can come on over and help us work around the buildings and grounds.  Summer 2021 kick off in just about 24 hours.

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