The Upgraded Playground

We’ve talked about and shown off a lot of work this spring, but the one thing we didn’t talk much about was the playground.  Last year the playground was closed, this year it’s open for business and better than ever.  We had a big load of playground mulch donated, we’ve put up some new swings, we’ve added some new play toys, and tetherball and box hockey are back.  Everything we’ve done this off season is for the kids – from making the upper pool floor smooth, to sucking up all the acorns, and getting all the clover and weeds out of the grass so there won’t be any bee stings.  A few years ago we told you that we were going to turn around Wilshire Pool, not only returning to its former glory but we were going to make it the premier private swim club in Berks County.  There were people who doubted us.  That doubt has been erased.

All of this was made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers who worked year round painting, cutting grass, shoveling snow, spreading mulch, fixing everything old man winter broke for us, but we can’t forget the members who come out to help when we put out the call for work party help.  We also can’t forget the members who have donated tools, fertilizer, mulch, radios, money, and more to the pool.  We really do have the best members of any pool.

Are we done yet?  Heck no!  There will be some more surprises coming in the next week and throughout the season.  Get ready for a season like no other.


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