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Wilshire Recreation Association, Inc.

Incorporated November 12, 1957.

Wilshire Pool, it’s grounds, and entities are owned and operated by the Wilshire Recreation Association, Inc. We are located in Spring Township, Pennsylvania.

Wilshire Pool has been a fixture in the local community since 1957. We operate and maintain a total of 4 pools, snack shack, pavilion, playground, basketball court, and a volleyball court. We typically open the weekend of Memorial Day and close the weekend of Labor Day. This is subject to change.


Upper Pool

Of our 4 pools the "upper" pool is a 120,000-gallon general purpose pool with a 12-foot-deep diving well featuring a low and high dive. The "upper" pool also has a half-moon, 1-foot-deep baby pool in close proximity to the "upper pool".

The upper pool's diving well is home well to the Wilshire Diving Team.

Lap Pool

The lower Lap pool is a 125,280-gallon lap swimming pool with a rectangle, 1-foot-deep, baby pool in close proximity to the lap pool. The lower pool is open to any members that are 18 years or older during pool hours, and from time to time we will have a lifeguard at the lower pool for all ages to swim in the lower pool.

The lap pool also is home to the Wilshire Dolphins Swimming Team.

Half Moon Baby Pool

The half-moon pool is located right next to the general use pool with the diving boards. Like the rectangle Baby Pool, this one is also a 1-foot-deep pool.

From this pool you will have a great vantage point of the main pool and will be able to keep an eye on other family members that are having fun in the main pool.

At this time, we have a little slide for the younger children to enjoy in this pool (note that the location of this slide is subject to change but is located in one of the two baby pools).

Directly behind the half-moon pool is a playground for the children to enjoy.

Rectangle Baby Pool

The rectangle baby pool is 1-foot-deep, rectangle pool. that is located directly next to the lower Lap Pool.

It offers a good amount of space for the little ones to play and splash in the water. And for parents to sit in the water and not be fully submerged.

There are also some trees located near the pool that provide shade to the pool and the surrounding decking and grass for those hot days when you need a break from the sun.

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